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Custom Manifold Design and Engineering

Fluid Power Sales engineering and fabrication is driven by our dedication to exceptional, innovative solutions.

Since 1979, FPS has been producing top quality manifolds for the mobile and industrial fields.

FPS has custom built thousands of manifolds using our vast toolbox and hydraulic expertise to design what you need.

Capabilities Include:

  • Sizes ranging from small valve housing to large, bankable manifolds
  • Pressures to 3500 psi in aluminum and 10,000 psi in steel or ductile iron
  • Standard plating using anodization I aluminum (color to best match your installation) and electroless nickel or zinc in steel or ductile iron


  • Proven technical expertise
  • Low installation costs
  • Integrated circuit design
  • 100% tested with strict quality control
  • Ease of service and convenience
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Reduced leakage

Custom Manifold Design and Manufacturing

We work with our customers on a technical level to design, engineer, and test all of our manifold projects to ensure the results fit our customers' needs, including difficult space requirements, increased performance needs, or specific engineering demands. FPS utilizes a range of components in order to meet your specific design requirements. We go the extra mile, designing units with 3D CAD, by a highly qualified team of engineers.

Our diagnostic capabilities allow us to characterize the performance of the product in a similar context to the actual application so we can verify performance before the product even leaves our shop.

Our design engineers work closely with your production team to design a custom hydraulic system to meet your exacting standards and requirements. Examples of some of our projects include:

  • Clear anodized 6061-T6511 aluminum manifold with special profile milling and custom handle clip
  • Explosion-proof solenoid valves using cartridge and flange mounted valves
  • Stackable manifold designs with included lifting eyes for safe handling
  • Custom powder-coated steel enclosures with rotatable fittings
  • Black anodized 6061-T6511 aluminum stackable manifold design with included foot brackets for easy mounting
  • Custom shipping/installation bracket supplied to ensure ease of installation and that nothing is damaged during shipping
  • Zinc plated 65-45-12 ductile iron with custom shaped material extrusion for installation in a very challenging location
  • Green anodized 6061-T6511 aluminum and electroless nickel plated 65-45-12 ductile iron mixes two materials achieving high and low-pressure circuits and weight and cost savings
  • Custom engraving (including logos)

The difference is in the details.

Our team understands machining, hydraulics, and systems. Whatever your project challenge, Fluid Power Sales has you covered.

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